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What to bring in the suitcase to Cuba?

Make your bags in a practical and safe way. Remember that it goes to Cuba, a country with a warm climate, even in the coldest times of the year. Glasses, hats, flip flops, tennis shoes, shorts, fresh cloth shirts, a backpack for your excursions and your most fervent desire to have a good time. Many of the visitors who already have experience prefer cotton garments; but in case you are undecided there is nothing to worry about, because in Cuba you will find comfortable, fresh and very Caribbean clothes.

If you like nightlife, you just need to take a couple of more elegant changes to impress the boys or girls and … to practice salsa steps in Tropicana, the Parisien cabaret of the National Hotel, the Café Bertolt Brecht Theater or El Sauce.

For sun and beach lovers we suggest you take your swimsuit in your suitcase, although you will have the possibility to buy it in Cuban shops. Also put sunscreen, there are excellent beaches such as East Havana, Varadero, Cayo Coco, Maria La Gorda, Covarrubias, Santa Lucia … Do not forget to take precautions when saving the medicines you use frequently or the basics, those that believe you may need Add an anti-mosquito repellent to your bag. Stop when you are going to define the amount of money for your trip, you should not carry a lot of cash (we suggest euros), just a credit card to withdraw money if you need it.

Include a dictionary in your luggage if you do not speak Spanish well or hire a specialized guide, a video or photo camera; In Cuba you will find very beautiful landscapes that you will want to keep as memories of the trip.

It is essential that you do not leave your international driving license at home, it will be essential when renting a vehicle; a photocopy of the passport, for the unforeseen events that may occur; and a power adapter to charge the battery of your electronic devices.

Very simple and practical. Now to enjoy the weather, the beaches, Cuba.